Episode 39: Duty… hehe… Doody

In this episode we jump off of Beavis and Butthead to talk about the rise and fall of music television, modern shiity video games, freemium bullshit, and doody.


https://ia601503.us.archive.org/32/items/bmt3/bmt39.mp3 Size: 31.3 MB Running Time: 35:32


Episode 38:

In this episode we jump off of Danny Elfman’s Music For A Darkened Theater to discuss my friend Matt’s passing, the superficiality ofonline friendship, marching band, Drum Corps International, and finally back around to Elfman vs. John Williams.


https://ia601503.us.archive.org/32/items/bmt38/bmt38.mp3 Size: 27.4 MB Running Time: 35:53